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Clarinet Music Articles Vol. I

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A short Introduction about the clarinet
The clarinet is a mellow woodwind instrument suited both to the symphony orchestra and the jazz ensemble.

The alto clarinet: an overlooked member of the clarinet family
The alto clarinet, extremely similar to the bassett horn, is an overlooked member of the clarinet family.

The b flat clarinet: the most famous member of the clarinet family
The b flat clarinet is the instrument most people think of when the word clarinet is mentioned.

Bass clarinet: the deeper voice
While not the lowest member of the clarinet family (that is the contrabass clarinet) the bass clarinet is the deeper voiced of the two regularly used clarinets (the other being the b flat clarinet).

Starting from the top: the bass clarinet mouthpiece
While the bass clarinet is in many cases similar to other members of the clarinet family, a bass clarinet mouthpiece is a little different and can take time for a regular clarinet player to get used to.

Bass clarinet music: a growing repertoire
While not as popular as the b flat clarinet, there is a growing body of bass clarinet music for the clarinetist who wishes to specialize in the bass instrument.

Beginning clarinet: the very start
Like starting with any instrument, beginning clarinet is a process of learning that involves both great achievement and the occasional setback.

The b flat clarinet: the most famous member of the clarinet family
The b flat clarinet is the instrument most people think of when the word clarinet is mentioned.

The Brahms clarinet quintet: a star of the chamber music constellation !
The clarinet has a wide range of chamber music to call upon. One of the most famous, and beautiful, pieces in the clarinet repertoire is the Brahms clarinet quintet.

Brahms clarinet sonata: a Cornerstone of the repertoire
Staples of the clarinet repertoire, the Brahms clarinet sonata in E flat major and clarinet sonata in F minor continue to attract both players and fans of clarinet music to this very day.

The Buffet Clarinet: a brand with history and prestige
Of the many brands of clarinet available to the player today, one of the most popular choices for students and professionals alike is a Buffet clarinet.

Bundy Clarinet: the affordable revolution
The favorite student clarinet for players around the world, the Bundy clarinet has remained a favorite due to its combination of great price for good playing quality.

Buy a clarinet: things to consider
When you are making the decision to buy a clarinet there is a lot of choices available. But how to you chose which clarinet is for you (or your child?)

Considerations when buying a clarinet
When buying a clarinet there are a few things that can make the difference between a good or bad purchase.

The c clarinet: the student's choice
The clarinet family has many members other than the well-known B flat and bass clarinet.

Clarinet accessories: the hidden costs
While buying a clarinet is an important decision, a clarinetist also has to consider the cost and quality of clarinet accessories when budgeting for the overall cost of their clarinet.

The clarinet audition: a rite of passage
There is one aspect of their playing life that many students wish they could avoid – audition time.

Clarinet barrel: the interface between the mouthpiece and the body
The clarinet is made up of various parts. The clarinet barrel, sometimes known as the socket, is the section that joins the mouthpiece to the upper joint.

A clarinet case: keep your instrument safe
You have bough yourself a new clarinet. You researched your options for buying a clarinet, made sure you got the best instrument you could for your budget, and even took the trouble to play it a few times just in case before handing over your money.

Clarinet choir: making beautiful music together
Clarinets are included in most modern day musical ensembles including orchestras, jazz bands, concert bands and marching bands.

Clarinet cleaning: keeping your clarinet in good condition
An important part in making sure you get the best out of your clarinet is making sure you schedule regular clarinet cleaning.

Famous clarinet composers: providing the music
While many composers have made use of the clarinet both as part of an ensemble or as a solo instrument, some are identified as clarinet composers more readily than others.

The clarinet concerto: the bedrock of the repertoire
Once a clarinet player reaches a certain level of proficiency they are sure to encounter that type of music that is the foundation of the clarinet repertoire: the clarinet concerto.

The clarinet embouchure: It's all in the mouth
One of the most important elements that any clarinetist needs to develop is their clarinet embouchure.


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